Prince William loves Christmas food

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Prince William "eats a lot" at Christmas.
The 39-year-old royal - who has children Princes George and Louis, eight and three, and Princess Charlotte, six, with wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge - admitted food is "quite important" to him over the festive period and no matter how full he feels, he can always find space for an extra sausage or glass of wine.
Answering questions from young patients at the Royal Marsden London on the facility's radio station, he said: "Food is quite important to me on Christmas, I tend to eat a lot on Christmas. There's always a tiny bit of space left in my stomach somewhere for a bit more bit of turkey or sausage or for the wine."
William added that he loves Brussels sprouts and told the youngsters it was important to eat vegetables.
The prince has been too busy focusing on what his own children want for Christmas to think about what he'd like, but top of his wish list would be a win for his beloved Aston Villa FC over Chelsea on Boxing Day (26.12.21).
He said: "If I have to say right now, I would say it would be for my favourite team, which is Aston Villa, to win their football match on Boxing Day."
William joked that he's "saving up" to buy a "bright yellow" sports car when he's older in response to another question from a child.
He said: "Fiona, I wish! I would love to have a Lamborghini. A big, bright yellow Lamborghini.
"But no, unfortunately, I don't have a Lamborghini. I'm going to have to save up for one of those when I get older."
William took a more serious turn when asked what he'd do if he was in charge of Christmas for a day.
He said: "I think I'd have to make sure everyone could enjoy it. So we'd have to bring everyone together, have a big party,
"There would definitely be no Covid, and there certainly would be no cancer in the world if I was in charge of Christmas for the day. How's that? Is that a good enough answer?"

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