How pro-Russian propaganda sites doctored a FRANCE 24 programme

A number of Russian Telegram channels have been sharing a caricature of French President Emmanuel Macron depicted as a rooster, claiming that it was broadcast by FRANCE 24 in a programme that aired on March 13. However, the image circulating is a doctored version of the cover of a French magazine called L'Hémicycle. The FRANCE 24 clip has also been doctored to include it.

If you only have a minute:

  • Several Russian Telegram channels and pro-Russian news sites have been circulating a doctored image of a FRANCE 24 programme, which made it look like FRANCE 24 broadcast an image of the cover of the French magazine L'Hémicycle, which features President Emmanuel Macron portrayed as a plucked rooster.

  • But FRANCE 24 didn’t broadcast this doctored image. The channel did, however, include the real cover of the magazine, which features a rooster – but not a Macron rooster. You can see this in the video of the programme that we shared on YouTube.

  • This fake video, which has been circulating online since March 18 and has been promoted by pro-Russian media networks, does not yet appear to have been broadcast in France. However, the magazine L'Hémicycle has decided to file a “counterfeiting” complaint.

The fact check, in detail:

"A plucked bird with Macron’s head,” reads a post on a Russian Telegram channel called Cheikh Tamir, which has 400,000 followers.

On March 18, it shared what was supposedly the front page of the French political magazine L'Hémicycle.

"The French are openly mocking their Macron-Napoleon," the post on the Russian Telegram channel claimed.

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