Professional makeup artist shares the single cosmetic product that can fix common makeup woe: ‘I want to try that stuff’

Professional makeup artist shares the single cosmetic product that can fix common makeup woe: ‘I want to try that stuff’

In a recent TikTok, a professional makeup artist shares one of her best tips for smoothing over dry patches of skin once your makeup has already been applied: a quick application of magic balm.

The scoop

In her TikTok video, Angela (@angelashippenmakeup) shares one of her favorite products that give her makeup routine a little extra oomph: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Balm.

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“Have you heard of the OG magic balm?” she asks in the video. “This has a bunch of different oils in it. It’s a sheer, solid oil that you can use anywhere on the body. It just provides a really pretty, natural, lively sheen to the face, so if your makeup is looking a little bit dry, or you feel like you need a little bit more hydration to the makeup you already applied, you can just take a little bit on your hands … a tiny bit on your fingers, and then just tap it into the skin.”

She goes on to explain that tapping is the best method of application so you don’t move or smudge any other makeup that’s already on your face.

The balm also has another application: mixing.

“You can actually use it as a mixing medium as well,” she says. “So if you have any pink eyeshadows or pink powder blushes, you can scrape off a little bit …  and mix it with this oil and create your own cream blush.”

How it’s helping

“One of the best things about it is it’s all-natural,” Angela says, “and if you get it unscented, it’ll work on a variety of different skin types — even sensitive skin.”

The magic balm is made entirely from natural oils, including oils sourced from avocado, beeswax, coconut, and hemp seed, according to the product’s website. These ingredients are certified organic and Fair Trade Certified.

Organic products can be healthier for consumers because they lack the synthetic chemicals that can cause health problems and pollute our planet, according to the Mayo Clinic.

What everyone’s saying

Users shared their appreciation for the hack in the comment section.

“I want to try this stuff,” one user writes.

“Thank you,” another user comments.

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