United Airlines Confirmed That Biscoff Cookies WILL Be Coming Back And We’re So Relieved

Kelly Allen, Alexis Morillo
Photo credit: Lotus Biscoff US/Instagram

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UPDATE: February 27, 2020

Everybody remain calm, United Airlines is bringing back the crowd favorite Biscoff cookie. The controversial swap from Biscoff to Oreo Thins as part of the airline's complementary food service is only temporary.

A spokesperson for United Airlines confirmed to Eater that they switch around which snacks are offered in the complementary service throughout the year, and Biscoff cookies will be back in May.

This is amazing news considering the internet freaked the f out over the possibility of saying goodbye to free Biscoff cookies on their flights. I suppose this is proof that complaining online can reap results? Who knows! I'm just happy these part caramel, part spice, and part shortbread cookie will be back. Now I just have to book a flight.

Original Post: February 20, 2020

Indulging in a “free” quality snack is arguably the most exciting part of a flight...apart from taking in all of the views from above. So whenever an airline makes a change to its culinary lineup, people have thoughts. The latest alteration comes from United Airlines. You might want to hold your breath for this one: It involves replacing Lotus Bakeries' Biscoff cookies with...Oreo Thins.

Yes, the airline announced the iconic cookies best served with coffee are getting the boot by your other favorite cookie brand, according to USA TODAY. Oreo Thins will join bags of pretzels and Stroopwafels as the airline’s next snack trio. The swap starts in March, so it’s practically already here.

Of course, people have things to say. And where better to air grievances than on Twitter?

If you absolutely must have Biscoff cookies on every flight you take per any travel tradition, you can find them on most domestic American Airlines flights. Alaska Airlines also offers them on flights that take off before 10 a.m., and you can probably always count on Delta Airlines to have the cookies as they were the first to offer them.

In any case, appreciate the fact that the snacks are still complimentary! Honestly, you can’t go wrong with anything even remotely Oreo-related. Imagine if it were something boring like flavorless crackers or the least exciting dessert snack that comes to your mind. It could be worse!

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