Pub customer protests on roof after being told price of pint going up by 20p

The man was on the roof for two hours. (Grimsby News)
The man was on the roof for two hours. (Grimsby News)

A beer drinker was tipped 'over the edge' and staged a protest on the roof of a pub after being told the price of his pint would be going up.

The customer at the County Hotel in Immingham, Lincolnshire was sent 'over the edge' when his barman told him his pint would be going up in price by 20p next week to £3.40.

The man clambered up onto the roof of the three-storey hotel and shouted about his anxiety over the cost of living and how he was under pressure to meet bills.

More than a dozen police officers attended the stand-off and talked the man down after his protest. Owner of the County, Willie Weir, said he had sympathy with customers.

 officers attended the scene. (Grimsby News)
More than a dozen officers attended the scene. (Grimsby News)

But with increased energy costs he will be putting prices up. He said he remained serving the cheapest pint in the town.

"He just had a meltdown over the possibility the price would be going up. I'm not sure what pressures he is facing but he wasn't happy. We have no idea how or why he went on the roof and started shouting about energy costs. It was a bit crazy," said the owner.

No damage or injury were caused in the protest. A Humberside Police spokesperson said: "A police scene was in place until around 9pm whilst officers resolved the situation and the man came down from the rooftop.

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The man was eventually taken away by police. (Grimsby News)
The man was eventually taken away by police. (Grimsby News)

"The man is now assisting officers and enquiries will be carried out to ascertain the circumstances that led to the incident and if any offences have been committed.

"We would like to thank the public and the local community for their patience and understanding whilst the incident was dealt with and brought to a safe conclusion."

The protest has highlighted concerns in the pub trade about the spiralling cost of living and the impact on businesses, staff and customers. In particular, energy prices, not capped for businesses, will hit hard.

Graham Larn, spokesman for Grimsby and North East Lincolnshire district CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) said he is deeply concerned for the number of pubs and bars that will be closed down due to increased costs of energy, staff, food and drinks.

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The man was protesting the price of beer. (Grimsby News)
The man was protesting the price of beer. (Grimsby News)

"We at CAMRA are extremely concerned about the current pub crises and would ask pub goers to support their local hostelries as much as they possibly can, we don't want to see any more pubs closed," he said.

He added: "Seventy per cent of licensed premises are expected to close permanently, due to the rising cost of living, plus sky high energy bills.

Larn said: "Even if locals pubs are packed to the rafters three nights a week, it won't be enough to sustain the pub business, only the big chain pubs will survive."

Landlady of the No1 Pub in Cleethorpes, Lisa Snook joked that staff were getting ready to serve hot water bottles to customers on the colder days in winter. "We need to keep competitive with all the bars in Cleethorpes, especially on the High Street and Sea View Street, where is can be up to £5 for a pint.

One customer said: "Going out for a drink is now a luxury for many people. They have to pay their bills first and see what is left over."