'Put it in front of you and walk sideways like a crab': Hilarious video of man trying to put out his bin

This is the hilarious and painful footage of a man struggling in his iced-over front garden to get his bin out in time for the rubbish pick up.

Alun Miles, from Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, England, had not bargained for the amount of ice that had built up on his drive overnight.

But like most of us Alun left putting the green bin out to the last minute.

His sister-in-law, Carrie-Anne Bailey, posted the video on Facebook and said: "My brother-in-law attempted to put the families weekly rubbish out for collection.

"It was a cold frosty morning in the forest of dean and little did he know just how challenging his morning task would be."

Alun's wife Samantha filmed the event and spends the video shouting instructions while trying to control her laughter.

She can be heard saying: "Alun, put it in front of you and walk sideways like a crab."

Through more uncontrollable laughter Samantha says: 'I didn't know we had an ice skating rink'.

Carrie-Anne told Metro that Alun did eventually make it to the waiting bin men who were watching on and laughing at the struggle.

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