Putin to urge Lukashenko to join nuclear exercises during Belarus visit

Putin and Lukashenko (аrchive photo)
Putin and Lukashenko (аrchive photo)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin plans to persuade Alexander Lukashenko to participate in Russian exercises with non-strategic nuclear weapons in his visit in Belarus, claimed Russian propaganda agency RIA-Novosti on May 24.

Putin will also discuss "security issues" with the Belarusian dictator.

Putin and Lukashenko planned to agree on Minsk's participation in nuclear exercises, Russian propaganda publication alleged earlier, citing Belarusian Ambassador.

Belarus will join Russia at the second exercises’ stage, three phases are planned in total, Putin claimed.

"Belarusian colleagues will join our actions at the second stage, the relevant instructions have been given to the defense ministries and general staffs," he said.

The Russian dictator arrived in Minsk in the evening on May 23 at the invitation of Lukashenko, his press secretary Dmitry Peskov claimed.

Russian nuke exercises

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The Russian dictator Vladimir Putin instructed the General Staff to prepare for non-strategic nuclear weapons’ use exercises, involving aviation and Navy on May 6, at the same time not specifying the dates.

The upcoming exercises are related to the West's declarations of readiness to deploy troops to Ukraine, the Kremlin Speaker Dmitry Peskov alleged.

Ukrainian Intelligence is gathering information about non-strategic nuclear weapons exercises planned in Russia, Andriy Yusov, Ukrainian Military Intelligence representative, said.

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