Qld band want positive future for LGBTI

Laura Polson

Brisbane band Cub Sport's Tim Nelson and Sam Netterfield are hoping for a fearless future for young, gay Australians when same-sex marriage is legalised by the Australian parliament.

The couple, and band mates, announced their engagement via social media this year adding: "Hey Malcolm Turnbull we've got a wedding to plan - how about we hurry up and legalise it?!".

"This has been a really important time of our lives. There are people who have been engaged for decades, and hopefully, it finally happens for them," lead singer Nelson told AAP.

Growing up together as friends Nelson denied his sexuality and feelings for his now-fiancee due to expectations brought about by a religious upbringing.

Instead, the hidden emotions came out while writing the band's new album BATS.

The couple has since been showered with support from loved ones and fans, but admit the months following the announcement of the same-sex marriage postal survey were "exhausting" because of the "vitriol" of the 'no' campaign.

"We've been particularly lucky to have a supportive network of family and friends. There are others who haven't had that positivity around them," Nelson said.

Rallying for the 'yes' vote in Brisbane, keyboardist Sam Netterfield felt and saw the thousands wanting the change to happen.

The couple hopes the "incredible support" for the LGBTI community will continue.

"For all the young queer people growing up in society feeling different or strange for being gay - hopefully in the future it won't be a problem," Nelson said.