Qld bottom of per-capita housing spend

Queensland spends the least on social housing services nationally when measured against the size of its population.

The state's net recurrent expenditure equalled just over $130 per person in 2021-22, data released by the Productivity Commission shows.

The figure, which excludes capital expenditure, compares to a national average of $178.76 per person.

Capital expenditure decreased from $327.2 million to $314.6 million between 2021-22 and the previous financial year, largely because of statewide material and labour supply shortages.

Severe weather also played a role, the Productivity Commission report said.

The state's housing crisis was the subject of a major summit involving support services, advocacy groups, developers and the government in October.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk on Wednesday said the commission's data did not factor in an extra $1 billion added to the government's housing investment fund prior to the summit.

The fund now totals $2 billion, the returns of which are spent on social housing.

"There have been issues around sourcing of materials, but I understand that (Housing Minister Leeanne Enoch) is constantly opening new social housing dwellings.

"She's opening up one ... this weekend, so there's more happening around the state."

Sustained increases in interstate migration and a materials and skills shortage in the construction industry were affecting the market, a report following the summit said.

Ms Enoch said the mass Queensland migration had impacted the data, which also failed to take in additional government funding.

"Nobody could have anticipated out of COVID that we would have seen these kinds of pressures on the housing market," Ms Enoch said on Wednesday.

"The housing investment fund now gives us some guaranteed funding into the future to ensure that we are building at pace with what we're seeing in terms of the migration into our state."

Opposition Housing spokesman Tim Mander said the state government was failing to do its part in releasing enough land and increasing supply as the population grows.

"Three months on from the Palaszczuk government's housing summit, how many Queenslanders have now got a roof over their head, as promised?" he said in a statement on Wednesday.

"This government must empower the community housing sector to support the nearly 50,000 Queenslanders waiting for a home and must release more land for affordable housing."