The Queen's secret weapon for getting out of awkward conversations

Sarah Carty

If there’s anything the Queen is a dab hand at, it’s making small talk with people.

Not only does she have to meet world dignitaries but the 91-year-old has the eyes of the world on her, waiting with bated breath to hear what she has to say.

However, it’s been revealed that even the Queen herself gets awkward when she’s stuff in some conversation, but she has a foolproof way of getting out of them.

The Queen has an unusual way of getting out of awkward conversations. Photo: Getty Images
If you ever find yourself in a tricky situation, the Queen has you covered. Photo: Getty Images

According to The Express, the Queen has a secret weapon she uses every time she’s stuck in a stilted exchange.

The publication claims her bizarre method is known as the ‘dog mechanism’ to members of Her Majesty’s family, who are all too familiar with how she plays it.

It involves the Queen ducking her head under the dinner table to feed her dogs whenever she needs to get out of a sticky situation.

Indeed, the Queen is famously very fond of her corgis, so it wouldn’t exactly seem absurd if she were to pull the move at a dinner party.

The Queen’s corgis are said to rule the roost in Buckingham Palace and they are reportedly served fish, steak, rabbit or chicken for dinner.

In an interview with Town & Country magazine, Dr Roger Mugford, revealed how dinner time works at the palace.

She pretends to feed her corgis under the table. Photo: Getty Images
It's been said that the Queen's corgis rule the roost in Buckingham Palace. Photo: Getty Images

“At feeding times, each dog had an individually designed menu, including an array of homeopathic and herbal remedies.

“Their food was served by a butler in an eclectic collection of battered silver and porcelain dishes.

“As I watched, the Queen got the corgis to sit in a semi-circle around her, and then fed them one by one, in order of seniority. The others just sat and patiently waited their turn.”

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