Queen Consort Camilla has 'naughtiness about her'

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Queen Consort Camilla has the same "sort of naughtiness" as the late Queen Mother.
The 75-year-old royal has been compared to her husband King Charles' beloved grandmother because she has a similar "lovely charm" and the same "great" sense of humour.
Camilla's friend, Gavin Barker, said: "King Charles was so in awe of the Queen Mother, and his wife has the same lovely charm. Her great sense of humour is like his grandma’s. Camilla is so warm, calm, natural and has a sort of naughtiness about her."
Other friends of the queen consort - who married Charles in 2005 - praised the way she has stayed grounded even since marrying into the royal family and even now she's in her 70s, she works as hard as ever.
Speaking to Angela Levin for her book 'Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: From Outcast to Queen Consort', Camilla's former aide Amanda MacManus said in an extract published by the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "Her work ethic may have changed. [But] she hasn’t at all as a person… One of the nice things is that her position hasn’t gone to her head."
And friend Lucia Santa Cruz added: "Camilla hasn’t become at all imperious. Sometimes when people have had a transformation into something grander and more important, they change, but Camilla hasn’t."
And historian Andrew Roberts thinks Camilla has been an "enormous influence for good" on her husband.
He said: "You can’t be in love with somebody for that long without them having a huge effect on you... [So] you can’t understand King Charles without appreciating the enormous influence for good that Camilla Parker Bowles has had on him."