Queen Elizabeth's death 'took the royals by surprise', says Jenna Bush Hager

Jenna Bush Hager believes Queen Elizabeth's passing came as a shock to the royal family.
The 40-year-old author - who is the daughter of former US President George W Bush - was preparing to interview Queen Consort Camilla in Scotland when news filtered through of the queen's poor health, and Jenna believes that it took the royals by surprise.
Recalling having dinner with King Charles while his wife was delayed on a flight, Jenna shared: "It was a lovely meal … We had a wonderful evening filled with conversation that felt joyful … so I think this was sort of a surprise."
Jenna spent months planning her interview with Camilla, but it was scrapped at the last minute as the royals rushed to be with the queen at her Balmoral estate, where she died on Thursday (08.09.22), aged 96.
Jenna told the 'Today' show: "The next morning we were setting up the interview … At 12.30 we heard running up and down the halls, and it was her team and his team. They had been incredible and professional and funny and light-hearted.
"They came in and said, 'Can you please be quiet, there’s a call. He’s on a call.’ All of a sudden, we heard a helicopter, which they don't take lightly, go off and they came in and said, 'Your interview - which up until then we knew they were excited about - has been postponed,' they had just left for Balmoral.
"They said the Queen is ill and they have gone and rushed off to be with her. And we just said our hearts are with them."
Despite this, Jenna remains hopeful that she'll still get to interview Camilla one day.
She said: "It was a disappointment, I can’t wait to talk books with her, I still hope I get to."