Queen Latifah: I've always been sensitive about my weight

Queen Latifah has always been "sensitive" about her weight.
The 53-year-old rap star has confessed to having her feelings "hurt" during her school years, even though her parents were always really supportive of her.
Speaking to PEOPLE, she shared: "I went through some of these things as a kid - in the class pictures, I was this big kid for my age, but sensitive on the inside. So people would say things to me and I got my feelings hurt. Luckily I had parents who would love me and put me back together. But it was tough at times.
"And if you're not even aware of those things, if your parents aren't having those conversations with you, your doctor is not talking to you about it, that feels very frightening. And that can close you off to your dreams, your hopes, your talents."
The actress has urged people to be more aware of what they and how it can be perceived.
She said: "Who knows how much of the world hasn't been changed because someone said the wrong thing to a person, like 'Hey, you're too fat to do that', which made them not want to do that. And that's our loss. That's the world's loss."
The rap star previously insisted that she's more concerned about her heath, rather than her weight.
She told PEOPLE: "Health is most important to me. It's not about losing weight or gaining weight. When I want to lose weight, or gain weight, I know how to do it in a healthy way.
"So, if I have to do something that is going to be completely unhealthy for me, then that's not the job for me."