Queen's head groom Terry Pendry proud that her favourite horse got to 'say goodbye'

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Queen Elizabeth's head groom Terry Pendry has revealed his pride in taking the late monarch's favourite horse Emma to say a final goodbye to her at Windsor Castle.
In scenes viewed around the world, the horse greeted the late Queen as the royal hearse arrived in Windsor during her state funeral on Monday (19.09.22).
Pendry bowed his head as he held Emma as the hearse travelled past and recalled how Her Majesty, who passed away aged 96 earlier this month, had a deep bond with the animal.
The groom – who attended the committal service at St George's Chapel – said: "It was an honour and privilege to have Emma with me to say goodbye to Her Majesty for the last time.
"The Queen adored Emma and rode her for more than 20 years so it was only right she should have been there, and she behaved impeccably.
"I think she probably had some sort of sixth sense that Her Majesty wouldn't be riding her anymore and she did her proud by standing there so respectfully."
Pendry explained that he had placed the Queen's head scarf on Emma's saddle as a poignant tribute to the late monarch.
He told the MailOnline: "The Queen always rode with a white sheepskin saddle, it was her favourite, so I made sure Emma had that on as well.
"Then for the finishing touch I put Her Majesty's Hermes headscarf on the saddle. It was her favourite and had the horses and carriages printed on it.
"Less is more if you ask me. I could have put her riding crop and gloves, but I just thought the headscarf was the perfect touch."
Pendry revealed that the Queen had ridden the horse for the last time in July and continued to be "as sharp as anything" despite her frailty.
He said: "I've been riding with the Queen for years and the last time she was on Emma was back on July 18 – two days before she left for Balmoral.
"It's a memory I shall never forget, and I tell you something, the Queen may have been as frail as any 96-year-old would be, but she was still as sharp as anything, she was crystal clear.
"I was right by her side and there was no indication that anything was wrong with her. The Queen was an incredible lady who selflessly dedicated herself to the service of this country and the Commonwealth."