Aussie couple's hilarious naked gardening snaps go viral

A Queensland couple has gone viral online after sharing hilarious photos of an isolation activity of a different kind.

Wil Kemp and Melanie Meaglia are regulars when it comes to the celebration of all things green and growing sans clothes, specifically Naked Gardening Day, but say this year has definitely been different.

Wil Kemp and Melanie Meaglia naked gardening
Wil and Melanie have gone viral for their Naked Gardening Day snaps. Photo: Supplied/Wil Kemp

“So this is our 4th year of doing it but it has definitely been very different to the others,” Wil tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“We have received a lot of positive feedback from all over the world. It would seem that it brought a lot of people a bit of happiness in a world that is a pretty negative place right now.”

From frolicking in raked leaves, to cleaning the pond, and handling a rather large... snake, Wil and Melanie’s snaps have been shared over 100K on Facebook, with plenty of people commending them for their effort.

“Mel and I are a pretty outgoing couple,” Wil tells us.

“I guess we are known for that amongst our group of friends so when World Naked Gardening Day started to do the rounds on social media about four years ago, quite a few of our friends tagged us in it and challenged us to get involved.

“We don't back down from those sort of challenges. So we gave it a go and all of our mates had a good laugh at the pics. Ever since, every year our FB friends are g'ing us up to do it again so we don't want to let them down.”

But this year the Cairns couple, who have been together for almost 12 years, have been ‘shocked’ and ‘overwhelmed’ by the response to their playful snaps.

naked gardening day australia
Their photos have been shared across social media. Photo: Supplied/Wil Kemp
Wil naked gardening day
Wil handling his large... snake! Photo: Supplied/Wil Kemp

“Gardening goals,” one person commented.

“They certainly put on a show and set the bar high for next year!” another wrote.

While others dubbed the stunt “creative” and the pair “couple goals”.

Of course, plenty also couldn’t help but wonder who was responsible for taking the photos.

“We took the pics,” Wil confirms. “My phone will register a hand signal and take a photo so we did it all. We have been asked about the mysterious 3rd person a lot but there was none. Just a tripod.”

And when it comes to his favourite of the bunch?

“I reckon Mel is beautiful everyday of the week but especially in this one,” Wil says.

naked gardening day
This is Wil's favourite photo this year. Photo: Supplied/Wil Kemp

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