Race Across The World’s Monique shares the hilarious thing she spent her budget on

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Funny way Monique spent Race Across The World ££BBC - BBC

If you’re anything like us, you were completely hooked on the latest series of Race Across The World. The BBC adventure show sees duos travel across a part of the world with no cards, smartphones, internet or technology in hopes of winning a huge cash prize. Seriously, it is SO good.

Father and daughter duo Ladi and Monique seriously stole our hearts with their wholesome relationship and positive outlook, and now, Monique has shared a hilarious way they spent their some of their budget during the show.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday (13th May), Monique shared details of her experience on Race Across The World and what she learned during the show.

From taking more risks to valuing health, family and time more, she had some serious words of wisdom to share from her time travelling across Canada with her dad.

But, funniest of all, she said that her and Ladi spent some of their budget getting pampered and we can’t cope.

“Dad and I spent some of our race budget getting manicures,” she wrote in Twitter. “Who said backpackers need forget about little luxuries that make them feel human. $60 or so well spent LOL.”

Good for them and we think we would do the same, to be honest!

Race Across The World is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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