Rachel Brosnahan has 'fused ribs'

Rachel Brosnahan's ribs have "fused together."
The 29-year-old actress has revealed she can no longer take "deep breaths" because the tight corset she has to wear while playing Miriam 'Midge' Maisel in Prime Video's comedy series 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' has caused damage.
Speaking on 'The Late Late Show', Rachel explained: "We talk so fast on the show that to get all the words out you can't really take very many breaths.
"I think I wasn't breathing a lot and I was a bit constrained, and apparently some of my ribs are sort of fused together a little bit ... And I can't take super deep breaths anymore. It's really fine guys. Champagne problems."
Although she's been left with an injury, 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' has scooped Rachel numerous awards - including a Golden Globe and an Emmy.
However, she doesn't have much room in her New York City apartment so to make space for her statuettes she has put them on her "toilet shelf", but she thinks it's a good spot for her visitors because they can take photos with the gongs in private.
She said recently: "I don't have an office, no ... You'll get an office and you'll put it in your office. It'll look nice in the office. Well the thing about New York, and I said to you before is that, I live in a New York City apartment and there's not a lot of space. There's no such thing as an extra shelf lying around. I found an extra shelf, it is my toilet shelf and it's the top of the toilet. One went on there and then I put the other on there, but I tried to put the Emmy on there also but it's not a very big toilet but I covered the button so I had to take it off otherwise you can't flush and that's not good for anyone.
"It's looks nice right, thanks! Honestly this is a very private way to take selfies with them, they do that sometimes but also they're intimidated at their most vulnerable."