Rachel Brosnahan had to remove 'drowned rat' from her toilet

Rachel Brosnahan was forced to remove a "drowned rat" from her toilet.
The 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' actress shared an Instagram post on Monday (20.12.21) urging her followers to be safe amid the coronavirus pandemic and updating them on the dead rodent discovery.
In the photo, Rachel is seen masked up, with gloves on and using two wooden sticks to retrieve the rat.
She captioned the snap: "New York, I love you. Stay safe out there folks and let's please look out for each other as this new wave moves through our ranks. In other NYC news, today I pulled a drowned rat out of our toilet."
A number of stars sympathised with Rachel after her rat ordeal.
'West Side Story' actress Ariana DeBose commented: "Girl... that is... An experience (sic)"
Zoey Deutch simply said: "NO".
Meanwhile, Rachel previously bemoaned the amount of negativity in the world at the moment.
Speaking earlier this year, the 31-year-old star said: "There’s so much unkindness in the world right now and I feel like it has become acceptable – and sometimes even trendy – to be mean-spirited, and that makes me angry and upset. I just think there is so much negativity. We’re confronting mammoth issues and there is so much to contend with that unkindness and blatant disregard for other people makes me so angry."
Rachel has also faced negativity during her career and says she has had to battle to be "taken as seriously" as her male counterparts.
The 'House of Cards' star explained: "I definitely have felt that I haven’t been taken as seriously as my male counterparts. They can call out an elephant in the room or an issue in the workplace and they’re not labelled ‘difficult’ or ‘bossy’ in the same way that so many women I know have been. I’ve met women who I had heard through the grapevine were ‘difficult’ but then recognised in real time that the reason they were labelled was because they weren’t afraid to say what they meant."