Rachel Matthews tests positive for coronavirus

Rachel Matthews tested positive for the coronavirus.

The 'Frozen 2' star took to her Instagram Stories on Monday (16.03.20) to reveal he has been diagnosed with the respiratory illness, and gave fans a full timeline of her symptoms to help spread awareness of the condition.

She wrote: "Hey guys, I tested positive for Covid-19 and have been in quarantine the last week. Unsure of what the next step is (been getting mixed info so will keep you posted) but obviously will remain in quarantine until told to do otherwise. I'm feeling better but I will be posting some info that I hope will be helpful to some.

"Let's please be mindful of our decisions - now is the time to be smart and responsible. Let's take care of one another!! xx"

In another slide, the 26-year-old actress detailed her symptoms throughout the week, which seemed to ease by day four.

She wrote: "Day 1: Sore throat, fatigue, headache

"Day 2: mild fever (100.3), horrible body aches, chills, sharp pain in lungs, started a dry cough, no appetite

"Day 3: no fever, minor body aches, lungs got much worse (resulting in deep, dry cough), shortness of breath, major fatigue, no appetite.

"Day 4: symptoms finally seemed to become more mild, however, lungs remained heavy and short of breath. Also randomly lost my sense of smell and taste. Still no appetite

"Day 5, 6, 7: Everything has remained more or less the same. Feeling more like myself, still experiencing shortness of breath, loss of appetite, fatigue and no taste/smell but overall, doing okay"

Rachel also revealed that it's hard to get a test as the US is behind the rest of the world with 3,487 confirmed cases in the country and 68 deaths as of writing.

She added: "Important!! Been getting a lot of questions in regards to tests. The reality is.. they are INSANELY hard to come by. Our country is very behind and we don't have much of a system in place. (sic)"

However, the 'Happy Death Day' star has warned getting tested doesn't grant a miracle as she was left feeling more confused after getting her results.

"I only got tested because I had been around a confirmed case and had been showing symptoms. BUT receiving a test that shows you're positive really doesn't change much. It's not like you receive a specific medication once positive so please, if you have any symptoms at all but can't find a test please just treat yourself as if you are positive (you most likely are). Rest, drink lots of liquids and SELF QUARANTINE. (This obviously doesn't apply to everyone. Some people are at higher risk and will take different precautions) (sic)"