Rachel Stevens wants to do more photoshoots in her bikini

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Rachel Stevens wants to do more bikini photoshoots.
The 44-year-old star - who shot to fame back in the 1990s as part of pop band S Club 7 - regularly posed in her underwear for magazines during the groups' heyday and would "love" to do more these days.
She said: "Yes I’d do another bikini shoot, why not? I loved doing those shoots because it was an opportunity to do something where I could express myself in a different way to 'Top Of The Pops' or Smash Hits and all those other magazines the band did. love photoshoots and find them really creative. I love getting involved with how we are going to make the pictures look."
However, while the 'Sweet Dreams My LA Ex' hitmaker would jump at the opportunity to do another risque photoshoots she explained that lads mags are now a thing of the past and the set up she was used to in the 1990s will "probaly never happen again."
She told The Sun on Sunday: "So if there is an opportunity to do all that then yes, I could definitely see myself doing shoots like that. But it will be something different these days because mags like FHM were so of- the-moment. I don’t think it will ever be like that again."
But the former 'Dancing on Ice' star - who has daughters Amelie, 11, and Minnie, eight with husband Alex Bourne - claimed that she wants to pin one of her nude covers up on the wall of the family home and insisted it won't be "awkward."
She said: "I promise you here and now I will put one up on my wall. I am very open with the kids about everything, so it won’t be awkward.”

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