Raiders owner Mark Davis' planned $14 million house looks more like a spaceship than a house

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Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis is building a new house in Henderson, Nevada.

Normally, that wouldn't be interesting beyond your basic rich person house intrigue — the size of the garage, the number of pools, the capacity of the wine cellar — but Mark Davis isn't just building a house. He's building a house that looks like nearly no other house in existence.

Here it is, in all its glory via the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Those renderings depict a building that looks like a lot of things, none of them a house an actual human being would live in. 

It could be a convention center, space station, a supervillain's lair and, most obviously, something the Raiders play football in. The house's sharp angles and silver-and-black color scheme are quite similar to the aesthetic of the Raiders' Allegiant Stadium and Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center.

That's probably by design, considering few NFL owners seem to relish their team ownership like Davis. Of course he'd want a house that could only belong to the owner of the Las Vegas Raiders.

The whole production has reportedly been listed with a valuation of $14 million and is expected to span over 15,000 square feet. Features will include a man cave, a prep kitchen, a bar, a steam room, a library, a sleek pool area and a porte-cochere, and a 5,422-square-foot garage.

Davis reportedly told the Review-Journal he has no idea when the house will be finished.

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