‘Rare’ discovery in woman’s bedroom sparks warning

The small but spectacular snake gave the homeowner quite a fright.

A Sunshine Coast woman got more than she bargained for as she was getting ready for bed one night.

It was about 11pm when the Mapleton resident noticed that her dog was acting odd.

After pulling up the pet’s bed she discovered her best mate’s cause for concern as a small snake fell out from underneath it and slithered behind a dresser.

The bandy bandy on the floor inside the Mapleton home.
The bandy bandy was busted while trying to make a run for it behind the dresser. Source: Supplied

Homeowner ‘spooked’ over unexpected bandy bandy find

The team at Snake Rescue Sunny Coast was heading home from another job when they got the call.

“Bandy Bandys aren’t too common around here,” snake catcher Dimity Maxfield told Yahoo News Australia. “They are about but because they’re a nocturnal species that live under the leaf litter, they're quite rarely seen. To be inside [a house], it is quite rare.”

It’s believed the snake had slid through a door that was left open all afternoon, giving the homeowner an unexpected surprise.

“She was a little bit spooked to start off with and she just kind of wanted it out of her bedroom,” Dimity said.

Fortunately the species is only “weakly venomous” so the snake catcher was able to scoop it up without too much worry.

Dimity Maxfield from Snake Rescue Sunny with the Bandy Bandy as she releases it outside.
Dimity Maxfield from Snake Rescue Sunny Coast says the "adorable" snake was released back into the wild. Source: Supplied

“They're quite small and to be honest when they do bite, if they do bite, it's very, very rare and it’s usually only localised symptoms, nothing medically significant, mainly just localised pain in the area and swelling,” she said. “With these guys in particular, we just free-handle them because there's no real risk of being bitten.”

Even still, she says people should always call a snake catcher to remove them and never attempt it themselves. She also reminded homeowners to keep their doors closed.

“We live in Australia and even in the middle of winter they can come inside, they’re still active,” she said.

And as for the “adorable” Bandy Bandy, who Dimity described as her favourite species, it was released back into bushland with plenty of leaf litter to make itself truly at home.

“He’s back in the wild doing his thing,” she added.

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