The real reason why the MAFS experts let Jess and Dan stay

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The MAFS experts have revealed why they let Jess and Dan stay in the experiment. Photo: Channel Ninesion

Just when we all thought Married At First Sight couldn’t get any more dramatic, last night’s bombshell episode saw the experts allow two cheating partners to stay in the experiment together.

Dan Webb and Jessika Power, who have been sneaking behind their wife and husband’s backs for the past two weeks now, gushed about how much they want to pursue each other, with Jess even saying that Dan is ‘her future’.

There were tears from her husband, Mick Gould, who called her a ‘spoiled b****’ and walked away saying she was making a mockery of the experiment.

Dan’s wife, Tamara Joy told them both to ‘grow the f*** up’ and called them out for being ‘manipulative and lying’. 

However, when Jess begged the experts to allow her and Dan to stay and see how things went, John Aiken, Trisha Stratford and Mel Schilling made a shocking decision.

“The three of us have decided that we’re going to allow Jess and Dan to continue on in the experiment as a couple,” John explained to the group of shocked bride and grooms.

“We’re going to let them explore this relationship and give them an opportunity to see if they develop the feelings and the connection that they have talked about this evening.”

The experts claimed they ‘cannot intervene in the experiment’. Photo: Channel Nineynews:region=nz

“What became clear is that this experiment is a process we do not change the course of, regardless of what our view is, we are not here to judge, to take sides or to intervene in the course of the experiment.

“If we were to do that, then it would cease being an experiment and it would become a process at the whim of the experts.”

The rest of the contestants were stunned and social media went into overdrive, with people claiming the whole thing had become a joke.

Now John Aiken has further explained the experts’ decision, saying they “cannot intervene in the experiment.”

“We have different viewpoints, different training and different specialties, so we each bring different perspectives to the table,” he told 9Honey.

“We understand why there’s been such a strong response to the decision we’ve taken tonight.

“People have become very invested in the process and clearly have very passionate feelings about it, but this is the same experiment that has produced Jules and Cam, so although not everyone will like every outcome there is still a lot of positivity to take out of the experiment this season as people will see over the final weeks.”

Reaction from ex stars

The reaction to the experts’ decision has been massive on social media, and a number of ex contestants have added their voices to the clamour.

“I am appalled that they allow this to happen and embarrass those two humans and let that Jess/Dan stay!! [sic]” Nasser Sultan, from last year wrote on Instagram.

“The show is making a mockery of the Australian people and just for ratings! The experts knew damn well what was going to happen and allowed it!!! Shame, shame and shame [sic].”

Meanwhile Sarah Roza from the same season said, “I felt so overwhelmed with emotions for Mick & Tamara during the final commitment ceremony… both such seemingly lovely people who were unfortunately dealt such bad hands with their MAFS ‘spouses’.”

Jess and Dan profess their feelings

Last night, the experts lapped up Jess’ speech about her feelings for Dan, with the bride saying she knew from the moment she met him that they were supposed to be together.

“I came into this experiment wanting to find somebody I could build a life with, somebody that makes me happy and somebody that makes me feel confident and somebody that makes me excited to wake up in the morning and I’ve found that. But it’s not with Mick. It’s with Dan,” she said.

Dan agreed with Jess, but also seemed very concerned that he was coming across as the bad guy.

“This is obviously a shock to everyone here and this is not what I wanted. I’ve come into this group and I feel like a dog, and to be honest with you, and especially Mick, I’m bloody sorry, and to Tam as well,” he said.

“I’m here for love, right? And me and Tam, we’re at a place where friendship was there. And it wasn’t moving anywhere. And Jess spoke to me at the dinner table a couple of times. I was fighting it, I didn’t want to speak to her because I was attracted to her from day one. But I don’t get the goosebumps often and I did get it with Jess.”

Mick could be seen crying as Jess revealed she’d been sneaking behind his back. Photo: Channel Nine
John Aiken says people need to have faith in the experiment, as it’s the same one that produces Cam and Jules. Photo: Channel Nine

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