Rebecca Ferguson fights well

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Rebecca Ferguson can fight “extremely well”.
The 38-year-old actress has honed her skills over the years thanks to her roles in movies including the ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise and ‘Dune’ and she’s looking forward to reliving how she was able to “kick ass” in the years to come.
Asked how well she fights, she told the new issue of Radio Times magazine: “I’m just going to go with it: extremely well. I mean, I kick ass, full stop. I train hard.
“I have an incredible ensemble of people.
“What was so fun is that I came to ‘Dune’ with the martial arts that I knew from ‘Mission’.
“And this film had a completely different relationship to the action. It’s just fun. When I’m old and I’m lying in a bed, reminiscing about my life, these will be amazing memories.”
Rebecca has always loved “moving”, whether that was in physical sporting pursuits or in dancing.
She said: “I’ve always moved since I was young! Climbing or jumping.
“I dive, surf and do watersports. I did street-funk, jazz, step-dance, modern and ballet. I also loved the Argentine tango.
“There was something to the dance that felt fresh and I loved the connection between two people when you trust each other completely.
“When you lean in, which you have to do, there’s a magical thing that happens between dancers that no one else is a part of as you just move together.”
While the ‘Greatest Showman’ actress has worked hard for her success, she’s also acknowledged that luck has played a part too.
She said: “Some people say they don’t believe in luck. Yes, there’s hard work, but you also sometimes need buzz and for there to be interest, and I’ve been lucky to be thrown into projects.
“I’m really goddamn lucky that Tom [Cruise] took a chance on me after I had been in [the 2014 miniseries] ‘The Red Tent’.
“If you don’t have a lot of credits, or you’re not a safe bet to go with, there’s so much involved when it comes to the box office. Will you pull money in? He just took a gamble.”

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