Rebekah Vardy believes she has PTSD after Wagatha Christie trial

Rebekah Vardy believes she is suffering from PTSD after the 'Wagatha Christie' trial.
The 40-year-old mother-of-five previously sued Coleen Rooney for libel after she accused her of leaking "false stories" to the media in an explosive social media post, but after a judge ruled against Rebekah last week, she admitted the toll it has taken on her mental health.
Explaining that she was hospitalised twice over the ordeal, Rebekah told The Sun newspaper: "I was having serious panic attacks. I had kidney stones which were brought on by stress, and I just felt like my life was falling apart. Physically, emotionally and mentally it was exhausting.
"It was draining. I had to go to hospital a couple of times because they were really worried about my mental wellbeing.
"And since the court case, I think I’m probably suffering with PTSD — I feel physically sick when I talk about the trial and what happened, and I have nightmares. I haven’t gone to get a diagnosis yet but I do know I probably need some more therapy. It’s been a horrible time."
Rebekah - who is married to soccer star Jamie Vardy - also claimed she had suicidal thoughts after Coleen accused her of leaking stories back in 2019.
She said: "I think my lowest point was when I was in Dubai trying to get a flight to come home early from holiday.
"I knew what I was coming back to — I just knew there was going to be spiteful hatred everywhere.
"Jamie and I were in a shopping mall at the time buying baby clothes, and I just thought, ‘I don’t want to go through this, I don’t want to live like this’.
"For a split second, I said to Jamie, ‘I feel like I just want to jump off this top floor’."
However, a defiant Rebekah insisted she does not regret taking the case against Coleen, despite a judge ruling against her.
She said: "I have no regrets at all. The only thing I would change is that it looked like it was driven by a narrative bias. But in terms of regret and taking it this far, no."