What record does Nebraska need to save Scott Frost’s job? | College Football Enquirer

Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel and Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde discuss expectations for Nebraska in a make-or-break year for head coach Scott Frost, and debate what record the Cornhuskers will need to save Frost’s job.

Video transcript

DAN WETZEL: Scott Frost at Nebraska.


DAN WETZEL: He was asked about being more competitive, and he immediately said, we were competitive enough. We just lost eight of the nine games by a touchdown or less.

PAT FORDE: Oh, is that all? We were competitive.

DAN WETZEL: Noted that the problem was it was something different every time. Right.


DAN WETZEL: Which he was explaining that, I didn't really think that was a positive for him.


DAN WETZEL: Like it would be one thing to be like, look man, we-- our kicker had two left feet. We couldn't kick a field goal. We blew eight games. Blame it on him.


DAN WETZEL: And it was something different every time.

PAT FORDE: It was often special teams, but it was different parts of special teams.

DAN WETZEL: Different. This is a team that played Ohio State and Michigan for basically 60 minutes.


DAN WETZEL: But couldn't get anything going. He'd be fired if he wasn't Scott Frost and this wasn't Nebraska, but he's back. Is there something there that Nebraska can flip this and get back to 8 and 4 or something? 6 and 6? What does it take to keep Scott Frost at Nebraska?

PAT FORDE: We discussed that at a high level writer meeting over beers at the High Velocity sports bar in Indianapolis after Scott Frost day at the podium. The consensus was, got to be better than 6 and 6. 7 and 5 is the, ehmmm, what does 7 and 5 look like point. 8 and 4, he's probably OK. 6 and 6, not good enough. 7 and 5, eeehh, gets interesting.

DAN WETZEL: 8 and 4, they'll go-- they'll go buy some Ukrainian helium and let off balloons in celebration.

PAT FORDE: Yes they will. Although, Frank Solich would see that and say, wait a minute. I wasn't good enough, and I was always better than 8 and 4.

DAN WETZEL: Yeah, well, Frank was a better coach than all those guys. But that--


DAN WETZEL: --it's the mighty have fallen over there. I think--

PAT FORDE: They have fallen hard.

DAN WETZEL: Nebraska wants to just-- they just want to have their games, and celebrate each other, and all get together. And kind of win some games. Just don't humiliate me. That's what I feel like-- the program now is just the program, they just want to, let's have a night. Let's do it. Good times. Let off some balloons. When we get the helium back.

PAT FORDE: Sit around the tailgate and talk about Tom Osborne some more.

DAN WETZEL: Yeah, have a meat pie from Runzas. I don't know that they care that much. But--

PAT FORDE: Hey, if they kept the coach who went--

DAN WETZEL: 8 and 4 will do it. 6 and 6 will do it. I think he's back if he gets 6 wins.

PAT FORDE: I do not think he's back if he gets 6 wins. I think he's got to have a winning record. So go through the schedule for us on that. Very interesting opener in Ireland against Northwestern. I mean, Northwestern was horrible last year, may well be horrible again this year. Although, if the even number--

DAN WETZEL: Yeah, the Pat Fitzgerald pinball or, what's the word I'm trying to think of?

PAT FORDE: Roller coaster.

DAN WETZEL: Yeah, the roller coaster. There we go. Thank you. It should be-- this should be an up year for them. But if-- but still, like on paper, they still don't look like much, Northwestern. So we'll put Northwestern. That Northwestern-Nebraska opener in Ireland is fascinating to me. Like Nebraska--

PAT FORDE: Week zero.

DAN WETZEL: Better win.


DAN WETZEL: Huge game, week zero. So they do this. Northwestern, North Dakota, Georgia Southern, and then Oklahoma visits.


DAN WETZEL: If they're not 3 and 0 headed into Oklahoma, Oklahoma could finish this off.

PAT FORDE: Yep. I agree. Because they've got an open week after that. If you want to make an early change, you've got your chance.

DAN WETZEL: Yeah, if they're 2 and 2, or God, 1 and 3, yeah. Then you get the head start on the next coach, and all that. But I don't know, they could also be 3 and 0, get the Sooners at home.