Can you spot something unusual about these balloons?

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

A mind-blowing photo of balloons has gone viral online and you’ll find it hard to spot why.

A Reddit user posted the image to the discussion site, saying a friend in Berlin sent them the snap of the massive silver balloons, which spell out the word ‘CLASS’.

The balloons look to be floating in front of a wall, with the letter ‘A’ blowing to one side and the last ‘S’ slightly lower than the other.

People were left scratching their heads of this seemingly normal photos of balloons. Photo: Reddit/u/moweha

However, people were gobsmacked when they realised that the balloons aren’t actually real, but instead it’s street art on the wall.

“My brain skipped right over that. That's pretty cool, thanks for pointing it out,” one person said.

“I actually got sick trying to wrap my brain around this. Motion sickness kicked in for some reason. Glorious art,” another person said.

Others were quick to find the artist online, with many claiming it looks like the work of Fanakapan, who describes himself as ‘the pioneer of “balloon Graff”since 2010.’

Indeed his Instagram account is littered with incredible images of his street art, with many looking the exact same as the ‘CLASS’ balloons posted to Reddit.

Take a look at some of the best below:

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