My relationship with social media has changed, says Madison Beer

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Madison Beer won't allow social media to "dictate [her] life anymore".
The 23-year-old star admits that her relationship with social media has changed over the years, and she's now determined to "prioritise real life".
Madison - who previously dated Brooklyn Beckham - shared: "Over the years my relationship with it has changed a lot. I just try to prioritise real life, my relationships and who I am in real life."
The singer remains active on social media platforms. However, it isn't as prominent in her life as it once was.
She told the BBC: "I use it, and I'm active on it, but I try not to let it dictate my life anymore.
"I just put a lot more of my focus into my music, who I am and what I stand for."
Madison shot to stardom in 2012, when Justin Bieber tweeted a video of a 13-year-old Madison covering Etta James' 'At Last'.
Despite her success, Madison found it tough to deal with social media during her teens.
The singer - who released her debut album, 'Life Support', in 2021 - explained: "It was really, really hard for me when I was younger, and I didn't have such a strong sense of self.
"People really dictated who I was, and obviously, that impacted me a lot - so it was hard."
Asked if she might one day take a break from social media. Madison added: "I do I think that is in the potential near future.
"I've definitely developed like a healthy relationship [with social media] and I've been able to use it when I want to, but also be off it when I feel like I need to be."