Remi Bader's Glam Revolve Holiday Collection Has Everything You Need for the Festive Season (Exclusive)

Bader tells PEOPLE that she listened to all the feedback from her first collab with the brand to make sure her second collection was even better

<p>Courtesy of Revolve</p> Remi Bader for Revolve

Courtesy of Revolve

Remi Bader for Revolve

Remi Bader’s latest Revolve collection is bringing all the holiday cheer — and then some.

The new 21-piece drop, Bader’s second in her collaboration with the brand, lands today, and much like her first collection, it’s full of trend pieces, flattering silhouettes and styles that Bader herself wants to wear again and again.

“I really took into consideration what everyone would be comfortable in, no matter what your style is,” Bader tells PEOPLE exclusively of what went into her creative process for this collection. “I think this collection is more cohesive than the first. I feel like with the first one, I just wanted so many different things that I couldn't find in the market. It was the same with this, but this one we were able to make look like a cohesive holiday collection.”

While Bader came out of the gate strong with her first collection last year, she admits that the collection was more to her tastes than anything. Now’s her chance to show everyone — including the plus-size shoppers she’s trying to reach — that Revolve can be a destination for curvy girls with all kinds of aesthetics.

<p>Courtesy of Revolve</p> Remi Bader for Revolve

Courtesy of Revolve

Remi Bader for Revolve

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“Revolve hasn’t really had plus-size customers — you have to win over that plus-size customer,” Bader says, adding that she’s hoping that with her collection, which comes in size XXS to 4X, will help expand Revolve’s customer base. “I’ve been trying to show these pieces on 2X, 3X, 4X bodies as much as possible to show people that if you're those sizes, you can wear this line too and look great. I've gained some weight and I'm pushing more into the 2X, and whether I'm a 1X or 2X — and I am bigger now than I was last year in the collection — I still look good in the pieces.”

The goal for Bader was to continue to create pieces that were in line with what she herself wanted to wear but expanded on what other people wanted to wear too. That meant removing herself from the equation at times. Bader quickly learned that her opinion, as important as it is, isn’t the only one that matters.

“A lot of people were like, ‘We know you like crop tops and tight things, but I don't feel comfortable in that,’ so I wanted to make sure there were more options that were looser this time,” Bader says. “Maybe you want to wear a long, loose top with leggings and you don't want to show your butt.”

She continues, “I begged people for feedback. I really wrote down everything people said about the first collection and brought it to Revolve.”

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So what does that mean for the new collection?

A balanced mix of casual and glam that you can dress up and down, as well as loose- and tight-fitting silhouettes. Customers will find a super-glam sequin dress that’s tight-fitting and perfect for your holiday parties but also a two-piece set that’s comprised of a loose-fitting top and wide-leg pants. Elsewhere you’ll find a brown blazer like the black blazer from last year’s collection, as well as a cozy teddy coat that’s cut perfectly to fit curvier bodies. When discussing the collection, Bader gushes over each piece like they’re her favorite child.

Every single item gets a glowing review and has a story on how it came to be and what she loves about it. She’s especially proud of the pants in this collection because the first drop was seriously lacking in them. She said the team didn’t nail the sizing in time to truly create pants that made sense the first time around, but this time, they got it — and she’s in love. She also can’t get enough of the quilted jacket that goes with literally everything. (No really, it made her squeal when she put it on.)

And just like last time, the TikTok influencer — who built her brand on her relatable fashion hauls — named all her pieces after people in her life, including her grandma, her sister and even her dog.

Bader and Revolve also kept the size chart that they created for the first collection, which is different from the brand’s standard size chart.

“It took us a while to create that size chart for the first one,” she shares. “I didn't want the actual Revolve size chart, I wanted to make my own. This is very cohesive, and I got really good feedback on it.”

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<p>Courtesy of Revolve</p> Remi Bader for Revolve

Courtesy of Revolve

Remi Bader for Revolve

The one thing she did change was adding a 0X between the XL and 1X, which she says felt like was the missing piece of the puzzle. After the hiccup she and the brand experienced last year with the first collection, when they initially were only going to release everything up to 3X, the sizing now feels more in Bader’s comfort zone. That being said, she’s not ready to settle at 4X — it’s just a start.

“I want to really push that 3X and 4X are there because a lot of those 3X and 4X people don't know that it exists and they might not all know who I am and they might not see that,” Bader says of her collection, knowing that she needs to be able to sell the larger sizes to continue to sell larger sizes. Her ultimate goal is to push Revolve, and really any brand that will listen, to be more inclusive with their sizes.

“You can only do the best you can do, because people consider different things,” she says. “When I talk to certain people and do interviews, they're like, ‘Oh my, it's amazing, it's an inclusive line.’ To them, it's crazy that it's a 4X. Where when you're living in a bigger body, I think we understand more as time goes on, no, this is something that should have happened already. But I definitely do think that it's a good start going up to a 4X. I now see that 3X is okay, but a 4X is something that a lot of brands aren't doing and I'm excited about that.”

Shop Bader’s new collection exclusively on Revolve’s website now.

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