'Report LTA': Driver fined for fighting over Albert Centre parking queue

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A man's fist. (PHOTO: Getty Images)
A man's fist. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

SINGAPORE — After another driver cut into his queue in a car park, a motorist exchanged punches with the man in full view of the public.

Koh Ah Lay, 61, was fined $2,000 on Monday (15 November) after he pleaded guilty to one count of affray with Hsu Yisong, 31.

Hsu’s case is still pending before the court. He also faces a single charge of affray.

On 28 November last year, Koh's car was in a queue to enter the open air car park at Block 270 Queen Street, Albert Centre. Koh worked as a deliveryman at a retail store in Albert Centre.

As Koh was about to make a left turn towards the car park gantry, Hsu made a right turn from the opposite direction and cut in front of Koh’s car. Koh honked repeatedly at Hsu, prompting Hsu to alight from his vehicle.

Hsu and Koh then argued over whether the former had the right to cut in front of Koh’s car. Hsu told Koh to “report (to) LTA (Land Transport Authority)”, but Koh used a Hokkien expletive. Hearing this, Hsu turned back to Koh.

The two began to argue in front of Koh’s car as Hsu's female passenger parked his car. Koh later returned to his car and got in. While his right leg was still hanging out of the car, Hsu slammed the car door shut, hitting Koh’s shin.

Furious, Koh alighted from his car and the two men exchanged punches. One observer attempted to intervene, but the duo continued verbally abusing each other. An anonymous caller called the police at about 3.51pm and the duo was arrested.

Koh sought medical attention at Sengkang General Hospital on 3 December last year, reporting that he had pain in his right shin as a result of Hsu slamming the door onto his leg. He was diagnosed with a contusion on his leg, and was given three days of medical leave.

For affray, Koh could have been jailed up to a year, or fined up to $5,000, or both.

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