Report sounds warning over extreme heat at Paris Olympics

A report backed by climate scientists and athletes has warned that extreme temperatures expected at this year's Paris Olympics will pose health dangers for those competing.

A collaboration between the NGO Climate Central, Britain's University of Portsmouth and 11 Olympians, the report said conditions in Paris could be worse than the Tokyo Games in 2021.

"The next Olympics in Paris is now upon us, and notable cases of extreme heat undermining the health and enjoyment of sporting spectacles have only increased in the intervening years [since the Tokyo Olympics]," the report said.

Titled "Rings of Fire", the report warned that intense heat at the Paris Olympics could lead to competitors collapsing and in worst case scenarios even dying.

It urged organisers to provide improved rehydration and cooling plans for athletes and fans to avoid the risk of heat stroke.

The study adds to a growing number of calls from sports people to adjust schedules and the timing of events to take into account the physical strain of competing in higher temperatures caused by climate change.

Hottest months

The Paris Olympics, which run from 26 July to 11 August, will take place in what are usually the warmest months in the French capital, which has been struck by a series of record heatwaves in recent years.

"The fact that the Olympics will take place during high summer means that the threat of a devastating hot spell is a very real one," the report said.

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