Residents fire up over 'annoying' habit of dog owners

It's an age-old complaint but what's the general consensus on where you can dispose of your dog poo bag?

People sick of their bins smelling like s*** have fired up during an online debate about what is acceptable practice for disposing of poo bags while walking your dog down a residential street.

One Sydney resident sparked the discussion when reporting a dog walker leaning over someone's fence on Monday to deposit their bag of waste into the nearest bin. The bin wasn't on a nature strip, but the pet owner "reached over someone else's terrace house fence" to dispose of it.

A photo of bins behind a fence at the front of a terrace property.
One Sydney resident has reignited a debate on the ethics of dumping dog poo bags in another person's bin. Source: Yahoo, file.

"I personally don’t have a dog and I wouldn’t confront someone over this, however I do find it kind of gross," the person said on Reddit on Monday when posing the question: Dog poo bags in other people’s bins — yay or nay?

"When I lived in a terrace facing a busy pedestrian street, people would chuck their dog poo bags in our bins, so the entire week after bin day, our bins would smell like s**t," the poster continued. "Not here to whinge, just curious about the general consensus."

What's the right thing to do with doggy doo?

Many agreed that stepping onto someone's property to reach a bin in the yard, in the driveway or behind a fence, was a "definite no". However some didn't mind if it was "out for collection on the street" instead of someone's empty bin.

"I don’t want a dog poo bag sitting on the bottom to be squashed for the week," one person said. "That was definitely the annoying part of having people chuck their dog poo bags in our bins," another piped in.

People were quite clear on what they thought of people putting bags of dog poo in their bins.

"Not your lawn, not your bin. Neither are places for your dog to poop," one person said. "They should take it with them to a public bin, or their own."

"Dog owner here. It's gross. Just walk around with it like most people do and chuck it in your own bin. I've had to move my red bin out back because of this," another said.

However some argued it's better in a bin than discarded on the path or nature strip.

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