Student who exposed Britain's worst rapist: 'He should never see the light of day again'

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

The student who fought back against Britain’s worst ever rapist has spoken of how he beat up the sex attacker, who he believes should never be released from prison

The anonymous victim of Indonesian student Reynhard Sinaga, who was jailed for life last month with a minimum term of 30 years, told Good Morning Britain said the sex attacker should “never see the light of day again”.

Speaking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid this morning, the victim revealed he became separated from his friend during a night out in Manchester when Sinaga invited him into his flat to stay warm.

He said: “He offered me two drinks, I went to the toilet… came back to his living room, he had two shots. He had a red one and see-through one. I took two shots. The first was perfectly fine and the second one was where this all started to happen.

Reynhard Sinaga's victim (left) spoke to Good Morning Britain on how he fought back against the sex attacker (ITV/Reuters)
The victim said Sinaga should never be released from prison (ITV)

“From that point on until 6 ‘o’ clock in the morning, something like that, I still have no recollection to this day. That’s when I woke up and found him, basically on top of me at this point.”

Revealing how he fought back, the anonymous student added: “I got a bit of payback by beating him up.”

Asked when he first realised he had been the victim of a sexual assault, he replied: “When I got outside his apartment. My mind started clicking together thinking, ‘This is wrong it doesn’t happen normally’. That’s when I called the police about ten minutes after I left the apartment.”

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However, the student was arrested himself for GBH.

He explained: “I thought I would be arrested at first because of the state he was in when I left his apartment… but as it got later into the day it felt like I was the perpetrator, I was the one who committed the crime. I reported the crime.”

However, the victim accidentally picked up Sinaga’s phone when fleeing the flat and police later found evidence of the rapist’s attacks and he was finally jailed in January this year.

A general view of the night club The Factory in Manchester where Reynhard Sinaga watched and picked up men that he later raped (Getty)
Sinaga raped 195 men but 70 remain unidentified (Reuters)

On facing Sinaga in court, he said: “One of the big points to me, I got a bit of payback by beating him up and also he’s going to spend the rest of his life in Strangeways while I’m going to be… outside living my life. He’s never going to see the light of day again.”

He went on: “That’s how I’ve got on with it… I got a bit of payback by beating him up and stopping him and blocking out the bit where I don’t know what happened.”

Sinaga, 36, is thought to have raped 195 men but 70 of his victims remain unidentified.

His victim said Sinaga should never be freed, telling GMB: “He should never see the light of day again, for all the people he’s done it to, all the lives he’s ruined that didn’t know it happened - the police officers came to these poor boys doors and found out it’s happened to them, for their sake alone.”