Rickwood Field game recap, Brody Brecht interview & The Good, The Bad and The Uggla

Thursday night saw the San Francisco Giants face off against the St. Louis Cardinals. However, it was the environment of the game that stole the show. The renovated Rickwood Field, formerly home to the Birmingham Black Barons of the Negro league, was the setting for a game that took on a special meaning with many former Negro league players in attendance. It was also the perfect way to remember the legacy of Willie Mays.

Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman discuss why this event went beyond just the baseball game that was played, and they talk about Reggie Jackson’s poignant remarks during the pregame show and the importance of taking Major League Baseball on the road to play in special venues.

Also on this episode of the Baseball Bar-B-Cast, Jake and Jordan sit down with potential first-rounder Brody Brecht from the MLB Draft Combine to talk about his choice of playing professional baseball over football, the first time he ever hit 100 mph as a pitcher and attending the University of Iowa at the same time as Caitlin Clark. The guys then close the show by giving this week’s edition of The Good, The Bad and The Uggla.

(1:54) - Rickwood Field game recap

(16:11) - MLB Draft Combine wrap-up

(18:46) - Brody Brecht interview

(22:15) - Being a two-sport athlete in high school

(25:17) - Choosing baseball over football

(29:47) - First time Brody hit 100 mph

(34:37) - Attending the University of Iowa at the same time as Caitlin Clark

(38:34) - The Good, The Bad and The Uggla

(39:29) - The Good

(42:23) - The Bad

(44:58) - The Uggla

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

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