Ricky Gervais gripped by 'worst illness' he's ever had

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Ricky Gervais is going through the "worst illness of [his] life".
The 'After Life' star has been left writhing in pain as he battled both "hot sweats and chills" and he's vomited multiple times throughout the night.
He wrote on Twitter on Thursday (11.05.23) morning: "I'm not well today. In fact I'd say I just lived through the worst 8 hours of illness of my life. Severe abdominal pains, vomiting every time I moved, (but only tiny bits of bile), hot sweats and chills, oh, and I really want to know who planted the 12 gravy bombs up my a***.(sic)"
The 61-year-old comic went on to agree with several fans who suggested he may have contracted norovirus, a highly contageous vomiting bug.
One follower, known as Pastor Alex, suggested Ricky needed the help of Jesus.
Using a slang term for toilets, the 'Office' star quipped in response: "Does he clean bogs?"
Ricky previously revealed that he is in favour of assisted dying by way of euthanasia and expects that is the method he will choose, provided it has been made legal in the UK when the time comes but has also taken care of all of his funeral plans and wishes he could be there himself.
He told The Mail on Sunday newspaper: "I’m pro-choice in everything. There should be no argument with that.
"But by the time I want to go, it’ll be easy.
"I reckon I’ll be able to pop into Boots and say 'Give me the pill, I'm going!' I’ve done the will and made sure everything’s taken care of.
"As for planning the funeral, all I know is that I’d want to be there. I might even have it a bit early so I can attend it, like footballers do at their testimonials.
"That way I could do my own eulogies: 'Oh Ricky was so loved!'"