Rihanna debuted her shortest mullet to date wearing a bikini and thigh-high boots

Photo credit: Kevin Mazur - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

Guys, Rihanna has done it again.

The singer/actor/entrepreneur/beauty brand owner/fashion designer/general badass at everything she touches is known for her statement fashion looks and trend-setting beauty. In fact, I’d go as far to say her and Miley Cyrus are responsible for bringing the mullet back into fashion.

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Now, Rihanna has graced us with her shortest mullet to date for her latest covershoot for Dazed.

On the cover, RiRi’s mullet barely skims her shoulders, with the majority of her hair chopped into a full fringe. To finish the look, she’s wearing a white bikini, white thigh high boots and a white trench because why not?

On an alternative cover, the choppy sections of her mullet are more on show and she looks absolutely fire in a metallic catsuit.

For the rest of the shoot, Rihanna rocks so many other incredible hair looks, including an umbrella made out of hair.

Yes, you read that right. Her hairstylist Yusef made an umbrella out of actual hair and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more impressive in my life.

We bow down.

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