Rishi Sunak meets UK's most tattooed woman and reveals favourite meal on final day of campaign

On his last morning on the campaign trail, Rishi Sunak ticked off two firsts: meeting the UK's most tattooed woman and revealing his favourite meal - sandwiches. 

The unlikely series of events happened as the prime minister appeared on ITV's This Morning.

Becky Holt, who has earned the moniker of "most tattooed mum in Britain" for having 95% of her skin inked, was up on the couch first.

Dressed in a thong bikini, she showed off her tattoos and told presenters Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard about why she has so many.

Mr Sunak was on set for the interview - and met Ms Holt after the show.

She posted a picture of the pair on her Instagram with the caption: "Can't believe I met the prime minister today."

She told OK Magazine he was "really nice and really, really polite".

"He asked how much my tattoos were worth. He asked me which was the most painful one. It was short and sweet and we shook hands."

Talking to the hosts, Mr Sunak said he was "feeling good" after a long day of campaigning on Tuesday.

He later faced some questions from viewers - including what his last supper at No 10 would be if the Conservatives lose the general election.

Mr Sunak said he would be in his North Yorkshire constituency on Thursday but revealed his "favourite meal generally is sandwiches".

"I'm a big sandwich person," he said.

Sky News political correspondent Darren McCaffrey later reported the prime minister had clarified his favourite sandwich: "a club sandwich, with chips and a Coke".

But Mr Sunak told This Morning his election night tradition is to get a pie from his local butcher's in Northallerton, where they make a special election pie.

He described the pie as a "very good pork pie with a special chutney and some cheese as well", and added he has had the pie at all the elections he has stood at in the Richmond constituency.

"I have to check in with them," he said.

The interview has gained traction on social media as viewers reacted to both Mr Sunak's sandwich revelation and the image of him waiting behind Ms Holt as she was interviewed.

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The other candidates in Richmond and Northallerton are:

  • Jason Barnett, independent;

  • Count Binface, Count Binface Party;

  • Daniel Callaghan, Lib Dems;

  • Angie Campion, independent;

  • Louise Anne Dickens, Workers Party;

  • Kevin Foster, Greens;

  • Rio Goldhammer, Yorkshire Party;

  • Niko Omilana, independent;

  • Brian Richmond, independent;

  • Sir Archibald Stanton, Monster Raving Loony Party;

  • Lee Taylor, Reform;

  • Tom Wilson, Labour.