Rishi Sunak reflects on Queen Elizabeth's 'extraordinary life of duty and dedication' on anniversary of her death

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth's "extraordinary life of duty and dedication" on the anniversary of her death.
The Conservative leader reflected on a year since the monarch passed away aged 96 on 8 September, 2022, and praised the wit and wisdom she demonstrated during their meetings.
He said in a statement: "Today, on the solemn anniversary of the passing of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, our thoughts are with His Majesty King Charles III and the whole Royal Family.
"With the perspective of a year, the scale of Her Late Majesty’s service only seems greater. Her devotion to the nations of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth only seems deeper. And our gratitude for such an extraordinary life of duty and dedication, only continues to grow.
"I treasure my memories of those occasions when I met Her Late Majesty, in particular the private audience I had with her at Buckingham Palace before presenting my first Budget as Chancellor. I was struck by her wisdom, by her incredible warmth and grace, but also her sharp wit.
"People across the UK – whether they had the good fortune to meet Her Late Majesty or not – will be reflecting today on what she meant to them and the example she set for us all. We will cherish those memories."
The 41-year-old politician ended by praising the enduring "bond between country and monarch" under the rule of King Charles.
He added: "The bond between country and monarch is sacred. It endures. So, while we continue to mourn Her Late Majesty’s passing, we should be proud that this remarkable legacy of service – and this remarkable bond – continues to grow today under the reign of His Majesty The King."
Meanwhile, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said the queues to see the late queen lying in state before her funeral showed she "always enjoyed a special bond with her people”.
He added: “It was a relationship built from her understanding that service of this great nation is the thread that unites sovereign and subject.
“So, as we reflect on her legacy again today, let us embrace that spirit of public service as our guide towards a better future.”