Rita Ora's 'non-existent' sex life

Rita Ora's sex life is "non-existent".

The 27-year-old singer's second album 'Phoenix' will be released on November 23, and the star has admitted her hectic work life has left her very little time for romance.

Speaking to British Vogue magazine, she said: "Non-existent. I've been working so hard, I just fall asleep. Honest to God. I'm like, 'Yeah I'll meet you for a drink', but I was meant to go on this dinner [with a guy] after this, and I was just like, 'I need to go to sleep'.

"[But] I think it's a good place for me like, as a woman, as somebody who feels really embedded with their job, and super optimistic about the future."

The star insisted she won't shy away from such subjects in her own music, including her recent hit 'Let You Love Me'.

She added: "I've never hidden away from talking about sex, you know. Or speaking about sexual things that happen in the world or whatever. It's a part of life, it's a part of human nature, it's a part of evolving as an adult."

Meanwhile, Rita also suggested she had managed to stay grounded despite her fame, and hopes she doesn't come across as a "b***h".

She said: "It's always been like that. Do you think I should be an absolute b***h? I actually don't know how to be a b***h.

"All I know how to do is be like, opinionated, but I don't know if that makes me a bitch or if that just makes me opinionated."

Rita previously told chat show host Jonathan Ross that she was "fine" being single and didn't need any dating help, and said she looks for the "whole package" when it comes to her perfect man.

She said: "Well, I'm very big about personalities. I'm also a bit about attire and the looks and the whole package."

Rita admitted she can be a "fiery" girlfriend and though she doesn't have any "trust issues", she hates missing out on doing things with a partner.