Rita Ora snubbed by Gordon Ramsay

Rita Ora was once kicked out of Gordon Ramsay's restaurant.

The 26-year-old singer has always been desperate to dine in the celebrity chef's eatery, but when she decided to sample the menu she was turned away because she wasn't "dressed the part."

Speaking about the embarrassing moment on 'The Jonathan Ross Show', which will air on ITV on Saturday (21.10.17), the 'R.I.P' hitmaker said: "Actually funny little story, I was wanting to, like everybody else who wants to eat in a Ramsay restaurant, and then I didn't get in. Basically, I don't think you know about this but I wasn't dressed the part. They were like, 'No.' I was just wearing a trackie."

However, the musician didn't think anything was wrong with her "tomboy" ensemble.

She continued: "I'm a tomboy so I was just wearing a trackie, trainers and I think there was a dress code."

And the star has asked the 50-year-old foul-mouthed culinary mastermind if he can make it up to her and let her eat in one of his restaurants free of charge.

She quipped: "Can I come to one of your restaurants? For free though?"

Rita stars in 'Wonderwell', which is slated for release later this year, and the 'Your Song' artist has admitted she struggled filming the production and getting "back" into character following the death of her co-star Carrie Fisher in December 2016.

Rita - who portrays Yana in the drama - said: "It was really sad because she actually passed away while we were filming it so it was pretty difficult to get back into the role."

However, the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' actress has fond memories of her time on set with Carrie.

She continued: "It was amazing. Working with her, I always just saw that character. She'd always be drinking lots of coca cola and just be living life, it was an amazing experience."

Meanwhile, Rita has praised all of the women who have spoken out about being a victim of sexual harassment, which comes in the wake of the sexual abuse claims made against film mogul Harvey Weinstein, as she "values" their "confidence".

She said: "I value everybody's confidence in coming out and being brave and showing their independence. And I think it's an incredible time right now, especially in the world, to really prove yourselves and stick up for who you are and what you believe in.

"I think it's a huge shift that's moving. It sucks. The world is a crazy place, life is crazy isn't it? And you just never really know anything really do you? As long as you are honest with yourself and as long as you do the best things that you can to achieve what you want to achieve. I love my family, I do everything for my family and so I think that's what helps me go to sleep at night."