Rob Kardashian accuses Blac Chyna of threatening Kylie Jenner

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Rob Kardashian has alleged that Blac Chyna threatened to kill Kylie Jenner.
The 35-year-old TV star - who has Dream, five, with Chyna - made the accusation during Chyna's defamation trial against Rob and his family, alleging that his ex threatened his sister over social media.
Rob said: "She threatened to kill her. Like I said, I don’t know the details. I know she threatened my little sister and that’s that."
Kylie was dating Tyga - Chyna's ex - at the time, while Chyna sparked a romance with Rob shortly afterwards.
Rob confessed to being at his "weakest, worst point" when he first started talking to Chyna.
Asked why he spoke to Chyna after she threatened his sister, Rob replied: "I was probably at the worst place in my life, and me reaching out to her I was in my weakest, worst point. I was at the hospital with diabetes and ketoacidosis, and that is when we linked up.
"So, her threatening my sister and all these things and whatnot, she was reaching out to me, and was the one person who brought me in and at my lowest point. I chose to talk to her and ignore all the bad things with my family. I just ignored it."
Rob also accused Chyna of physical and emotional abuse during their relationship.
The reality star said: "Looking at it now, I had my gun put to my head by this woman several times. That’s a toxic relationship."
During their romance, Rob and Chyna posted several behind-the-scenes photos and videos of their lives on social media.
But Rob now admits that it didn't represent the reality of their relationship.
He explained: "She put a gun to my head afterwards, so, we obviously weren’t happy."

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