Robbie Williams 'embracing' hair loss

Robbie Williams is "embracing" baldness.
The 48-year-old singer has taken a number of steps to preserve his locks over the years, including a hair transplant in 2013 and a number of injections to stimulate hair growth, but he has been told that he has exhausted all options and he will lose his hair.
Speaking to Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2, Robbie said: "I'm losing my hair, it's getting thinner and thinner. No one will give me a thatch job because they say it's too thin. I can't take any pills because they depress me. I will just have to embrace Robbie Williams losing his hair."
Robbie also revealed he has started taking care of himself physically and is working out again, after taking time off because he is an "all or nothing" person.
He explained: "I just went and hit the treadmill for the first time in ages. I did half an hour to ease my way back in to it, get a sweat on, get the serotonin levels up, get the dopamine hit in so I'm good.
"I'm everything and I'm never going to stop working out again and then I'm nothing and I'm nothing forever. I hate it, I hate being that way. For my job, I need to be presentable but also for mental wellbeing. We need to be health and happy."
Robbie is currently working with director Michael Gracey on a movie about his life and he admitted it is "bizarre" to see his friends and family portrayed by actors.
He said: "They are making a film of my life. It's interesting, going in to the film world is hard. I don't know how any films get made. It's so complicated and convoluted and clandestine and so foggy. In the end, we managed to get a budget together. My friend and director Michael Gracey, who is an absolute magician, is helming the film and it has every opportunity to be a success. That being said, there's a million miles between finishing a film, it being out there and it behaving whatever way it behaves. I'm very confident we're not delivering something that's rubbish. It feels very special.
"I'm in it. It's so weird being in a make-up room, surrounded by photographs of the people from my life and then surrounded by people playing my mum, my grandma, my dad. All of these people from my life... It's bizarre."
During his interview, Robbie announced that he has joined the line-up for Radio 2 Live in Leeds, which takes place in Temple Newsam Park in September.
Robbie will be accompanied by the 56-piece BBC Concert Orchestra when he headlines on Sunday 18th September.