Robert Lindsay issues 'date rape drug' warning to fans

Robert Lindsay has warned his fans to beware of a new "date rape drug" after it was "blown" into his friend's daughter's face.

The 67-year-old actor took to his Twitter account to share a disturbing story in which he claimed one of his pal's children was on a night out when she was reportedly approached by three men who blew a substance into her face.

He wrote: "WARNING! A friends daughter was recently approached by 3 men outside a London club and a substance blown into her face,in her shock she inhaled....It was a date rape drug.She was saved but girls beware (sic)"

Robert then claimed the girl "lost all her senses" and couldn't remember what had happened "within seconds".

He tweeted: "Friends came to her aid but within seconds she lost all her senses and couldn't remember a thing (sic)"

The British star didn't give any other specific details about the incident or what the substance may have been.

Several of Robert's 33,000 Twitter followers thanked him for sharing the information.

One wrote: "That is absolutely shocking and disgusting behavior of some people! i'm glad that your Daughter's friend is safe. (sic)"

Another posted: "This is extremely disturbing. Glad you're friends daughter was saved from this. Xx (sic)"

One wrote: "That's awful I'm glad she was ok but she must be feeling very shocked and anxious.

Thank you for sharing the info. (sic)"

While it's not known what the substance was, there have been other reports of a drug known as "devil's breath" being used recently. It is said to wipe out people's memory and free will.