Robert Pattinson boguht own shoes from thief

Robert Pattinson once bought his own shoes back off a thief.

The 'Lighthouse' actor is obsessed with the Palace Skateboards x Adidas Originals collection and has his team constantly scour eBay and Depop to bag new pairs of the sold-out sneakers - and even paid out for an old pair of his own.

He said: "A fresh pair of them only comes up every eight months or so.

"I had a pair of them stolen off me once, but I saw them on eBay and I know I bought them back off the thief. I have alerts on when they're being sold; I'll soon own every pair in existence."

The 33-year-old actor is taking more care of his skin now he's getting older.

He said: "As I am getting older I'm definitely noticing things. I used to not do anything at all, up until a few years ago, and I can definitely see the difference [in my face now], especially if I am travelling a lot.

"It's very 'American Psycho', but those sheet masks make a massive difference. I'm fully committed and I even put an eye mask on over the top too. Try it!

And when he's not working, Robert really values taking some time off, no matter how brief.

He added to Britain's GQ magazine: "Self-care is important. I really appreciate coming home even though it's only for a few days, just to give my skin and body a rest."

The former 'Harry Potter' actor wishes he was as stylish as A$AP Rocky.

He said: "I wish I could dress like A$AP Rocky, he just has serious style.

"We have been to quite a few different fittings together and I will see the craziest thing and really want to wear it, but look like a total moron. Then we will go to the show and I will see Rocky in it and be like, 'Jesus Christ, you can literally wear anything!' "