Roman Kemp doesn't know what to wear to Platinum Party at the Palace

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Roman Kemp’s “main concern” about hosting Platinum Party at the Palace is what to wear.
The Capital Breakfast host is set to co-anchor the musical extravaganza at Buckingham Palace in London on Saturday (04.06.22) and he’s concerned about striking the balance between the formality of a royal celebration and still “being fun”.
He said: “My main concern is what I'm going to wear. Like, you can't dress informal because at the end of the day, it’s a gig so you still want to be fun, but at the same time you can’t be over the top and ridiculous.
“Like, do I wear a hat? Is that a thing? The only royal events I see, they’ve all got hats on!”
Roman’s wardrobe concern is understandable because the last time he filmed at Queen Elizabeth’s official residence, he was criticised for not wearing a tie – but he admitted things could have been much worse.
He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “I always somehow make an idiot of myself around Buckingham Palace and the royal family anyway because the last time I went there I turned up in a tracksuit!
“We were filming ‘The One Show.’ I had no idea that I was going to do the link to Buckingham Palace. The car starts going towards the Palace and it dawns on me what's happened. I’m not doing a story about Buckingham Palace on ‘The One Show’, I'm doing a story about Buckingham Palace at Buckingham Palace!
“So, I’ve arrived and I've had to borrow the guard’s stuff. Like, I don't know - a room where it's like lost property. But I've ended up the lost property of the guards at Buckingham Palace. So, as long as it doesn't go like that, I'll be okay.
“Who knew there was a wide selection of clothes at the Palace for everyone?
“Everyone on Twitter was like ‘Why has he not worn a tie?’ but it was better than a tracksuit!”
Roman is thrilled to be involved with the concert because live music has always been such a passion for him.
He said: “Live music means so much to me, it means so much to my family, it means so much to so many people up and down the UK and it's something that we've missed so much.
“It’s that kind of like tribal thing where, I think the best way to describe like, good energy is describing the gig. It's all the people in the same room just happy and enjoying something and feeling like in unison which I think is like miss out on for so long.”
The DJ – who will host the BBC’s coverage of the gig alongside Kirsty Young – joked he’s amazed he got hired for the job.
He said: “Honestly, I don't know. Like, I really don't know if they've got the wrong person!”
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