Roman Kemp was 'hit by an 'old lady' as a kid at a Rolling Stones gig

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Roman Kemp got “hit” by an “old lady” at a Rolling Stones concert.
The Capital Breakfast host will never forget going to see the veteran rockers with his dad, musician Martin Kemp, not only because it was such a great gig, but also because he got into an altercation with another fan after he caught Ronnie Wood’s guitar pick when he threw it into the crowd.
Discussing the best gigs he’s been to, Roman exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “Me and my dad. I won’t forget this.
“We went to see the Rolling Stones when I was a kid. I caught Ronnie Wood’s guitar pick, which was amazing. And some old lady hit me to get it off me! Like, I was a kid!”
The evening was a better bonding experience between Roman - who has joined forces with premium pilsner Grolsch to celebrate a mutual love of live music this summer - and Martin than at the 29-year-old star’s first-ever gig.
Roman was desperate to see rockers Slipknot, and he admitted neither Martin nor his mother, Shirlie Kemp, were keen to go with him, but his dad reluctantly agreed – only to leave his son at the show with an old friend of his and “lie” about it afterwards.
He recalled: “I remember one of the first gigs that I ever went to. Growing up, I loved music, but I specifically love like, the types of bands that you'd see like a proper gig.
“And one of the bands was Slipknot. I was only I was only eight years old or about that.
“And I remember saying to my dad ‘I really want to go to the Slipknot concert!’ And you know him and my mum probably played Rock Paper Scissors over who would take me because neither of them really liked it.
“It was at Kentish Town Forum in London. Great little venue. And I remember my dad dropping me at the sound desk at the back of the room, leaving me with some old roadie mate of his and saying ‘I’ll be back in an hour!’ and then when we got home, he lied to my mum and was like ‘Yeah it was great!’"
Roman Kemp and premium pilsner Grolsch have joined forces to celebrate a mutual love of live music this summer. Kicking off at the NME awards in March, Grolsch has lots more coming up from a run of collector’s edition bottles championing the UK’s live music scene to partnerships with an iconic London venue and a major summer festival.

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