Rosanna Arquette: MeToo and climate change are 'intertwined'

Rosanna Arquette says the #MeToo movement and climate change are "intertwined", as both causes are "national emergencies".

The 60-year-old actress is one of dozens of women who have accused disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct, and has said the allegations - which helped spark the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment, especially in the workplace - can be compared to the growing threat of climate change, because both issues need urgent attention.

In a guest blog for The Wrap, Rosanna wrote: "This Monday, jury selection will begin in the criminal trial of Harvey Weinstein. Throughout his career, Weinstein abused, manipulated, bullied and sexually assaulted hundreds of women. I am one of the many that he has harmed. His criminal acts reflect an industry that condones toxic and dangerous work environments for females who are expected to keep quiet on the set. But the film industry is not singular in its abusive ways toward women.

"n this #MeToo era, it is still the norm for women not to be believed. As we watch the Weinstein trial in real time - and his lawyers collect hefty sums to dismiss the truth and discredit the brave survivors who will take the witness stand - now, more than ever, we must support these women to see that justice is served. Make no mistake that this landmark case will affect the number of assaults and rapes that are reported and prosecuted. If we see that money and power can buy a get out of jail card, it sends a strong message to women that their truth will be always be challenged.

"The same is true for the life force responsible for the water we drink and the air we breathe, Mother Nature. Like the countless survivors who are subjected to scrutiny and blame for crimes that take place inside their bodies, our earth is being violently assaulted. Her roots have been torn out of the soil; her sorrow is flooding our land. We see her anger burn like wildfire. We feel her trauma in the sinking earth and we do nothing to help her."

The 'Pulp Fiction' star went on to compare the two movements, and hit out at those who "largely ignore" the implications of each crisis.

She added: "The parallels between the climate change crisis and rape are as clear as a blue sky. As a longtime activist for both issues, my hope is that the only time we are looking backward is to learn from our mistakes. When we say times up, we are pointedly speaking to both the abusers and the proactive climate-change denial by the Trump administration. Both are national emergencies that are largely ignored by our representatives."

Rosanna praised those who have spoken out and shared their experiences with sexual harassment, and said the change that is beginning to happen thanks to the #MeToo movement also needs to happen to the planet.

She wrote: "Mother Earth needs our help too. Every human life is dependent on protecting our planet. We breathe her air, drink her water and bask in her sunlight. Yet, we have violated and abused her. We have ignored her cries for help.

"Women are innately connected to the earth's ability to grow and give life. Mother Earth is #MeToo. We have shared trauma that needs nurturing and healing. It is our responsibility to help her by adopting natural climate solutions and a planetary health diet, leave fossil fuels in the ground and restrict emissions.

"These two movements are intrinsically intertwined. They both require us, as a society, to find common ground, to respect one another and the earth we dwell upon. To look at what we can do right now to support both causes. To create and speak a language that we all can acknowledge and understand, one of hope, peace and change."

And whilst the actress acknowledged there will always be people who "seek to destroy rather than protect", she urged others to be "louder and stronger than animosity and ignorance".

She concluded her lengthy message: "There will always be people who seek to destroy rather than protect our earth and the people who inhabit it. With all change, there are growing pains but as a collective community, we rise above the discomfort and discrimination with steadfast determination and heart. We dig our heels into the soil to preserve and nurture it and the women who have been harmed. We will be louder and stronger than animosity and ignorance and step into our organic roles as organic warriors, the way Mother Nature intended us to."