Rose McGowan Blasts Alec Baldwin As 'Baby Man' And 'Scum Bucket' In Weinstein Feud

Actress Rose McGowan slammedAlec Baldwinas a “wee little baby man” and a “scum bucket” on Sunday over his Twitter tiff about sex harassment and assault accusations against Harvey Weinstein.

It all began when Baldwin indicated Friday on “PBS NewsHour”that women who accepted financial settlements from Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein to keep quiet about alleged sex harassment or assault may have delayed justice. After he was scorched on Twitter for “mansplaining,” a hurt Baldwin clarified that he didn’t intend to “blame the victim” and said he wastaking a breakfrom hispersonal Twitter account“in the current climate.”

But then the battle switched to the Twitter account for hisABFoundation. Actress Asia Argento, who, like McGowan, has accused Weinstein ofsexual assault, called Baldwin a “bully boy” Saturday and said no one would miss him on Twitter. 

That started a nasty fight between the two, with Argento’s beau, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain stepping in to defend her from Baldwin’s Twitter taunts. Baldwin finally told them both to “eat worms” and blocked them. “So many self-seeking liars to block, so little time....,” Baldwin tweeted.

Initially, McGowan, who was reportedlypaid $100,000 by Weinstein, tweeted about Baldwin’s apperance on PBS as vindication of her point that women’s accusations of sex harassment and assault are frequently dismissed. Baldwin said in the interview that many people in the industry had heard rumors for years that McGowan had been raped, and “nothing was done.”

There was no response from Baldwin on McGowan’s latest tweet.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.