Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 'constantly learning'

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is "constantly learning" as a parent.

The 32-year-old model-and-actress has two-year-old son Jack with her fiance Jason Statham and she and the 'Transporter' actor often share small moments of "triumph" when they feel things are going well with the toddler.

She said: "You're constantly learning, and some days you do something that feels like a triumph and you share that look across the room."

Now Jack is getting older, Rosie has been considering a short break with her friends and though she feels guilty at the idea, she's thankful 'The Meg' actor is always "so supportive" of her plans.

She told Australia's Harper's Bazaar magazine: "I spoke to Jason about it the other day and he said, 'Just go. I'll be here with Jack, so there's no need to feel guilty. Enjoy yourself.'

"What a wonderful thing for a partner to do. I feel really, incredibly grateful that he is so supportive."

The Rose Inc. founder is very busy raising her son and juggling her various working commitments but she doesn't feel overwhelmed.

Asked if things ever get too much, she said: "Not at all. I've always felt like I can do whatever I put my mind to."

And the 'Mad Max: Fury Road' star is much more selective over her career moves these days.

She said: "In my twenties, there wasn't much strategy behind what I was doing.

"I felt lucky to be working. These days, I tend to say no more often than yes, which is a shift. I haven't come from much, so it's been a process of shaking off that hand-to-mouth mindset and really thinking about where I want to be five or 10 years from now."