Family appeals for return of phone 'stolen' moments after man's death at station

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Ross Elrick was hit by train on January 24 in Fife, Scotland (SWNS)
Ross Elrick was hit by a train on 24 January in Fife, Scotland (SWNS)

The family of a man who killed himself believe he may have left a final message on his phone which was stolen moments after his death.

Ross Elrick, 31, was hit by train at Burntisland Station, in Fife, Scotland, on 24 January after battling mental health issues.

Before he died he put his phone, a Samsung Galaxy S10+ in prism green, and his wallet down on a bench.

But CCTV footage captured a man picking them up and walking off with them.

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Ross Elrick's family think he may have left a last message on his phone (SWNS)
Ross Elrick's family think he may have left a last message on his phone. (SWNS)

Ross’s grieving relatives are trying to get the possessions back and believe the phone may have held messages for his family as no note was left behind.

His brother Philip, 30, said: "He didn't leave anything behind, like a note or a will in physical form so it leads me to believe that maybe he took the phone from his pocket and lay it on the bench with his wallet because there was some kind of goodbye or explanation on it.”

He added in an interview with the Daily Record: “I think he thought that when he was hit by the train and if the phone was in his pocket, it would get smashed up and we wouldn’t be able to find anything that was left on it for us to read.

“We may be barking up the wrong tree entirely but we just want to find out.”

Ross, who lived in Burntisland, had worked for SSE in their debt management department, and his brother said he “excelled” at his job, but had taken time off as he battled mental health issues.

He was a doting uncle to his two nieces and would have had photos of them on his phone.

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Phillip, who was “shocked and angered by the theft”, said: "He would have had pictures on his phone probably of the family and of our child.

"He was one of a kind, a gentleman. He had the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met.”

The family are asking for the belongings to be handed into the police.

Ross will be laid to rest on 12 February.

A spokesman for British Transport Police said: “We are investigating an incident of theft at Burntisland station on Sunday evening, January 24.

“Enquiries into this are ongoing.”

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